Geese on the Ball Field: Commuter Haiku (2013) 65 p. ISBN 9780976483533.

     For some—including New York’s Long Islanders–commuting to work is a way of life. In contrast to the routine of the daily commute is the colorful and surprising world of nature and imagination, as told in this collection of forty-eight haiku poems.


Learn the Hebrew Alphabet with Psalm 119 (2014)100 p. ISBN 9780976483540.   

     Of the 150 Psalms in the Tanakh, the Jewish Bible, and also in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, Psalm 119, which is originally written in Hebrew, is one of the acrostic psalms. It has 22 stanzas, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Simply reading or reciting Psalm 119–or at least the letter of the alphabet emphasized in each verse–is a way of learning the 22 consonant letters of the Hebrew alphabet. With this book you can learn the Hebrew Alphabet in its natural context.